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Xi¡¯an Aerospace Automation Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise who devotes itself to provide intelligent solutions and services with information technology and automation products, is subordinate to China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. It lies in the Xi¡¯an Hi-Tech Development Zone. In the early eighties of the last century, carrying out the central government¡¯s policy of ¡°military to civilian transformation¡±, Institute No.210 of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. actively develops the civil industry with its technology and talent advantages as a military scientific research unit. At home, we are the first enterprise who successfully applied PLC into coal handling system of power plant. Taking this opportunity and conducting business development by centering on industries of national encouragement and well prospect, we enter into numerous industries and fields like electric power, water conservancy, new energy, chemical industry, coal, electronics, transportation, agriculture, environmental protection, equipment manufacture and metallurgy and so on. We make great contribution to technology transformation and upgrade of our country¡¯s traditional industries. Through 30 years¡¯ military and civilian integration and innovation practice, our company has gradually become the advanced unit of military to civilian transformation and civilian industry of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. As one of the first batch of Shaanxi province¡¯s high-tech enterprises, we has obtained many certificates such as that of GB/T19001-2008 Quality Management System, GB/T 28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Quality Credit First Trial (AAA Level) issued by China Product Quality Association. Moreover, we are recommended as the favorite corporation in this field for more than 10 consecutive years and provide electric automation products and integrated solutions of high qualities for national industries as energy, transportation, environmental protection and electronics etc. With the achievement of accomplishing more than 3000 products and equipments of large-scale control systems, we are famous in the automation field at home for our technology strength and project performance. We have become a well-known industrial electric automation system supplier in our country with the clients throughout 31 provinces, cities and municipalities of China and all over more than 20 countries and regions of Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, etc. Aiming at guiding the industrial technical development direction, we take the lead in developing and applying advanced technology and products at home and abroad into the domestic projects. The auxiliary programmed control products of thermal power plant and hydropower station and navigation control equipments developed by our company are all applied into national large-scale or important power plant construction projects. Among them, ten main auxiliary engine systems¡¯ network integration in Zhangzhou Houshi power plant has been popularized as a key project; auxiliary engine network integration in hydropower station is firstly used domestically; Guangxi Yantan ship lift is identified as ¡°a technology of international advanced level¡± and wins Shaanxi province scientific and technological progress award; the Electric, Communication and Integrated Automation Item of Ningdong EHCIB Water Supply Engineering which first used 64 bits machine in China are honored the title of ¡°Dayu Prize¡± by Ministry of Water Resource; Zhuzhou ship lock control system has become a sample engineering in China. What¡¯s more, we have successfully accomplished more than 30 overseas large-scale projects, for example, the electrical equipment engineering of Montagne Jacquot Sewage Plant in Mauritius. In addition, we also undertake Bus Control Cabinet projects for Xi¡¯an Metro Line 1, Line 2 and Line3. All of the above mentioned products and projects have been highly appreciated by the construction units, clients and local governments. Since the implement of the 12th Five-Year Plan, following the state¡¯s strategic emerging industry development direction and insisting on the innovation-driven development strategy, we have merged IOT technology on the basis of automation business and formed ¡°Shaanxi Engineering Research Center of IOT and Intelligent Control¡± with NWPU, aiming at proceeding technical research and product development in the cross areas of IOT and automation control. Facing to Shaanxi province even the whole country, Engineering Center attracts as well as trains technical personnel of high level. Such industry-university-research cooperation approach has prepared platform for company¡¯s technological innovation. Meanwhile, our company is served as college students¡¯ practice base, providing practice platform for those excellent students from different colleges and universities, like NWPU and Xidian University, etc. The ¡°Win-Win¡± relationship between universities and enterprise has been realized. As one of the first batch of members of National IOT Basic Standard Working Group, we participate in the establishment of industry norms related to IOT. Besides the accomplishments of more than 30 scientific and technological achievements at ministerial and provincial level, we also have applied (been authorized) more than 40 technical patents and above 30 software copyrights as well. Moreover, we are identified as ¡°key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Program¡± by Ministry of Science and Technology, as ¡°enterprise technology center¡± by Shaanxi province and as both the first batch of ¡°technology innovation demonstration enterprise¡± and ¡°Xi¡¯an technical research center for industrial process control and information fusion process¡± by Xi¡¯an city. Company has an outstanding professional technical team which is formed by Chief Specialists, technical leaders and technical backbones. Now it has 386 employees, 80% of them are graduated from university or college, 15% of them have master or doctor degree and 50% of them have intermediate professional title or above. Company has more than 20,000 square meters of research and office areas and owns more than 1000 sets of instruments and equipments for production and scientific research, owing a solid strength for electrical automation equipments¡¯ design, manufacture, measurement and testing. Always following the Quality Policy of "Quality First, Advanced Technology, Satisfy Users, Create Forever Top Grade¡± and with advanced technology and high quality products, Xi¡¯an Aerospace Automation Co., Ltd. maximumly fulfils customers and constantly create new levels.
Main Business
1¡¢Electrical Control System Solution
Our company can provide a complete set of electrical control system solution. It mainly includes process controlling level, equipment controlling level, detecting the drive and automation network system solution of the industrial automation process , we can also provide the solutions and services of large industrial equipment EIC integrated control system.

2¡¢Auxiliary Control System of Coal Plant
Auxiliary control system covers coal, water, ash and all auxiliary units of the coal plant, the system integrates various auxiliary control unit into an integrated control network. We provide auxiliary control system which is safe, reliable, and easy to maintain and manage for users.

3¡¢Sewage Treatment Syste
Sewage treatment system is an important part in power plant and chemical plant. Our company can provide full set of solution with water source programmed control system, pretreatment system (including desalination of sea water, purifying station£©, boiler water feed system, condensate water system, wastewater (including industrial wastewater, sewage, coal-bearing wastewater, etc.) treatment system. for users.

4¡¢Water Pumping Station System
The system consists of the communication system, the computer supervisory control system, the video watch-control system and the integrated automatic system of substation. The system adopts the structure of open distributed real-time control system, scheduling host, the operator station and in-situ LCU with double machine redundant configuration, The backbone network uses the SDH ring two-fiber path to protect network.. We provide users with high reliable diversion system.

5¡¢Electrical Control System of Hydropower Plant
Electrical control system of hydropower plant adopts PLC technology, computer network technology to achieve automatic control and fault alarm of equipment group. Each equipment group has independent set of plate and system , it can communicate with computer monitoring system of hydropower plant. Our company has successful used the hierarchical distributed centralized monitoring and data acquisition system in the Thailand Pak Phanang Dam Project , which was appraised by the international project experts that the technical has reached the world advanced level.

6¡¢ Dam Monitoring System
Dam monitoring system use sensor technique, automatic monitoring technology, communication and computer network technology to collecting , transferring , analysing and storing the data of Dam¡¯s monitoring information .The system can also monitor the surface deformation, the interior deformation, joints, the deformation of concrete slabs, the seepage flux, the seepage around the dam, and many other functions, which can provide the scientific basis for the dam safety operation .

7¡¢Dam-passing and Navigation Dispatching and Control System
The system consists of upper centralized control system and local control unit of navigation lock composed of hierarchical distributed computer monitoring system, it also has hydraulic system, detection system, traffic guidance system, low voltage power distribution cabinet and industrial television monitoring system .The system apply for the automatic control system of one level or multi-level navigation lock.

8¡¢Hydrological Forecast System
The system consists of monitoring center, communication network, the front-end monitoring equipment, measuring equipment. The system use a wired or wireless communication system to transfer monitoring data real-timely, it is suitable for monitoring of the hydrological parameters such as the river, lakes, reservoirs, channels, groundwater and so on. The monitoring contents include: water level, flow rate, flow velocity, rainfall (snowfall), evaporation, sedimentation, etc.

9¡¢City Pipe Network Pressure Measuring System
The system consists of multiple pressure measuring points and the pipe network pressure measuring center, which compose scheduling pipe network pressure measuring system. The system, based on RTU site polling and the emergency reporting function of alarm data of each RTU site, sends the pressure measuring data to the computer network of the major dispatching center and display real-timely. The computer of major dispatching center can monitor data and alarm ,then achieve data telemetry, management remote control and many other functions..

10¡¢Gluing Machine of CCL Producing Line
Gluing machine consists of stand-alone system, heat system, control system and assistance system. In the process of CCL production, using to the copper foil glue. Apply for copper clad and insulation industry.

Plant parameter
Modification£ºglass cloth
Modification models£º7628,2116,1080
Process speed: 6-25m/min
Temperature control: hot air 100-210¡ãcontinuously variable
hotplate100-240¡ãcontinuously variable
Heat source£ºheat-conduction oil

11¡¢Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Regenerative thermal oxidizer consists of the furnace, the burner, the wind turbine,the valve, and the PLC control system . By using the principle of high temperature combustion, organic waste gas processing. ,it can deal with waste gas during manufacturing CCL,it can also supply heat energy for the oven .
Damage rate of hydrocarbon is:97%
Waste gas processing capacity: 23000£Îm2/h
Making heat: 185*104Kcal/h
Diesel 0-20kg/h
The fuel consumption of steady state (diesel): 0-20kg/h

12¡¢Driller Room
Driller room is the important supporting part of the drilling rig, it mainly used to monitor operating mode and control the rig .The equipment can improve the working condition of the driller, and can also improve the working quality.

13¡¢Bridge Inspect Vehicle
Bridge inspect vehicle is equipped with testing instrument and the workbench, for bridge maintenance and preventive inspection work. It mainly consists of automobile chassis and upper dedicated work device. The vehicle has implemented test operation is convenient , don't interrupt the traffic, flexible working, high efficiency, easy operation, good safety and other prominent advantages.
Plant parameter

14¡¢Small-scale Sewage Treatment Station
Small-scale Sewage Treatment Station is made by carbon steel or glass fiber reinforced plastics.It is mainly used to treat the sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater to reaching emission standard required by the users. The whole equipments can be built above the ground and it can also be buried in the ground when the environmental requirement is high .

15¡¢Intelligent Stereo Garage
Intelligent Stereo Garage consists of the steel part, the cars plate portion, lifting system, control system, safety precautions and other components. It is an mechanical parking equipment that works by the garage elevator and the cars plate portion to lifting or sliding vehicles, vary in size and strong adaptability to the ground.

16¡¢PDP Vertical Grinder
¡¡¡¡Vertical Grinder is the equipment used to grind and polish the edge and corner of glass panel during the manufacturing process of the plasma display panel.

17¡¢PDP Panel Ageing Stack Production Line
PDP panel ageing stack production line belongs to PDP on line equipment, which consists of the plane convey system, stereoscopic warehouse system, air operated system and control system.

18¡¢Industrial Control Cabinet Series Products

19¡¢Medium and Low Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet
Our products cover 400 v, 690 v, 3.6 ~ 12 kv voltage range, adopting modular design, structure compact, superior performance, suitable for all kinds of power generation, power distribution, and MCC. It is completely satisfy GB3906, GB7251, GB/T15576, IEC60439, and VDE066 corresponding requirements.
Product model GCS Low-voltage Switchgear, ABB MNS 2.0 Low-voltage Switchgear, SCHNEIDER BLOKSET Low-voltage Switchgear, ABB MNS-E Power Distribution Cabinet, 12.5KV Medium-voltage switchgear, etc.
Electric property Standard£ºIEC60439-1, GB7251.1 Nominal insulation voltage Ui£º690/1000V AC Rated working voltage Ue£º400/690 V AC Rated switching impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 12kV Overvoltage level £ºIII Freqency range£º50/60Hz Rated current of main bus Ie£º6300A Rated peak withstand current of main bus Ipk£º220kA Rated short time current of main bus Icw£º100kA Rated current of distribution bus Ie£º1000A~3200A Rated peak withstand current of distribution bus Ipk£º63/105/187kA Rated short time current of distribution bus Icw£º30/50/85kA Protection class£ºIP20/31/42/54

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